my little airport - 給親戚看見我一個人食吉野家

曲詞 林阿p
編 林阿p 阿科 阿賢 Nicole OuJian
唱 Nicole OuJian




I’ve finally learned what “upward compatible” means. It means we get to keep all our old mistakes.

my little airport - 我在暗中儲首期

my little airport

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To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual.

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Writing task

Writing task: The purpose of libraries is to provides books. They should not use their limited resources and space to provide CDs and DVDs. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

My answer: The libraries are those most important facilities in in a city, for the knowledge and culture they bring to the residents. Like any other meaningful buildings, there are many argument about their affairs. One of these frequent topic is whether the library should provide CDs and DVDs beside books.

Some people said, the library, as a non-profit service provider in the city, it has a quite limited resources. So it should focus on books and keep as much as possible storage. However, the opinion cannot be correct because it has something wrong on the purpose of libraries. The purpose is to provide knowledge, the information that people need, but not just books.

Actually, the storage of the libraries were changed once or twice through the time. Long time ago, the libraries kept scrolls or strips with knots in the shelves. When the pressing revolution came, with much more advantages, books quickly take place of scrolls to become the widest used media in libraries and everywhere else. Nowadays, as the result of the technology developing, the media of information also evolves several new forms, such as CDs, DVDs and even the Blue-ray Disks. It is the time to spread the new hi-tech products to libraries, just like when the books are did so.

And the advantage of DVDs and CDs are obviously great to books in some points. First, it will save the space of libraries greatly. The whole books of the Congress Library can be recorded into a few DVDs. Then, it’s easier to manage the disks than books. Books are quite sensitive to the environment. Worms and wet air can destroy a book in a very short time. Finally, the CDs and DVDs are very easy to be protected, by the reason of its copy-able feature. The library could always keep a copy of the disc in case of broken or missing.

Personally, I would suggest that library provides not only books, but CDs and DVDs as well. And it may also try to use any other products which can store and delivery knowledge better.